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Stimulant Strategies

For marketing, communications and media production

Stimulant is a marketing and communication consultancy featuring a fully integrated media production company. We produce video, television, radio, podcasts, photography, print and digital publications, e-learning projects, e-books, and audio books. In fact, we’ve produced thousands of projects for corporate, industrial, non-profit and government clients.

The people at Stimulant have worked for Shell, Lafarge, TELUS, ATB Financial, City of Edmonton, Government of Alberta, University of Alberta, Alberta Medical Association, ATCO, Park Derochie and many others. A who’s who of Canadian industry.

We are trusted to go places other video producers don’t. We understand industry and work with the best people in the field. Because of that, we’ve gathered years of health, safety and environment experience and bring that to the table with every project we produce.


Go home safe every day:

It’s all about Goal Zero

To us, safety is everything. That’s why we embody it in everything we do. Whether we are filming night-time bridge construction (such as the Lafarge Mountain Highway project in the Greater Vancouver Area, with 100 tons of steel suspended in the air) or documenting the Adopt a Crew turnaround safety initiative at the Shell Scotford complex, we embody those same values in our company culture.

That’s also why we decided to produce the No Harm Health and Safety Podcast as a passion project. We care about HSE.


We’re passionate about safety

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We handle the “Big Stuff”

Let’s face it. There are places you just don’t want to send an inexperienced film producer and crew. When there is steel and concrete swinging overhead, and hot hydrocarbons flowing through the pipes, you need someone on task who knows what PPE and life saving rules are.

When engaging the Stimulant team on a project, you don’t need to explain industry phrases like line of fire, stop the drop, intrinsically safe, hot & cold permits, FR outerwear, FLRA and SCBA. We report for work in process areas clean shaven. We know what canaries are and how to use them. We’ve worked at heights, underground, in confined spaces and excavations. Our steel toes are well-worn badges of honour.

Our clients trust us on industrial sites where there’s a lot going on that can bite you. They know we understand and respect their safety policies and procedures. In fact, in many cases we have produced their safety orientations in addition to their project documentaries and promotions. In short, industrial projects are not something we do to pay the bills while trying to get our big break in Los Angeles. This is what we do and industry is what we care about.

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Marvin Polis

Founder, Owner

With more than 35 years experience, Marvin Polis is one of western Canada’s veteran communication consultants and producer / directors. He’s credited in almost 10,000 corporate videos, television and radio programs, commercials, public service announcements (PSAs), interactive television broadcasts, webcasts, podcasts, e-learning projects, print and digital publications, and advertising campaigns for a long list of Canadian and multinational corporations.

What makes Marvin unique among producers is his business and educational experience. He has held senior marketing and communication positions at major corporations including TELUS and ATB Financial.

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