City of Edmonton calls for corporate collaboration on road safety (No Harm Podcast Episode 009)

In episode 009 of the No Harm health and safety podcast, host Marvin Polis talks to Gerry Shimko, the Executive Director of the City of Edmonton's Traffic Safety Section. The topic: Vision Zero.

The City of Edmonton is the first major Canadian city to adopt Vision Zero, a global initiative to save lives and eliminate major injuries from motor vehicle collisions. Marvin meets up with Gerry at a Vision Zero run-walk-cycle event where families who have been affected by serious incidents are being honoured.

Vision Zero began in Sweden in 1997 and that country now has the lowest rate of traffic fatalities in the world. More recently, Vision Zero has been adopted by those considered to be leaders in traffic safety including countries such as Australia and England, and numerous major cities in the United States. In January 2016, Canada adopted Vision Zero as a federal strategy.

Gerry talks about the City's leadership role in Vision Zero and calls for a high level of corporate involvement. Lafarge is on hand at this event, showing a Ready Mix truck that has been modified with important safety features designed to reduce serious incidents with other road users. You can learn more about Lafarge's involvement with Vision Zero in episode 008 of the No Harm health and safety podcast.

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Marvin Polis