First Responders Part 2: Vernon Search and Rescue Helicopter Winch Team (No Harm Podcast Episode 11)

In episode 11 of the No Harm Health and Safety Podcast, host Marvin Polis visits Jeremy Vandekerkhove from the Vernon Search and Rescue Helicopter Winch Team. The work of these brave volunteers starts where the road ends.

When a standard ambulance can't get access to a remote accident scene, the Vernon Search and Rescue team flies into action. They can get critically ill or injured patients to hospital in as little as 15 - 20 minutes instead of the more typical 3 - 4 hours. Obviously, this can have a dramatic impact on patient outcomes.

This group provides services not only in recreational situations such as hunting, fishing and dirt biking ... they also provide important services to industrial locations like forestry, mining and the oil patch.

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All the best, everyone. And stay safe.

Marvin Polis