Cutting through the clutter with storytelling - Noel Amante (IABC Edmonton Podcast Episode 4)

We are bombarded with over 10,000 images a day. Whether it's the billboards and signs we see on our drive to work, or the flood of ads, notifications, feeds, or messages we see on our digital devices, the fight for audience attention is growing more difficult.

Join IABC Edmonton Past President, Marvin Polis as he interviews Noel Amante from V Strategies about the most effective creative visual tools and techniques to deliver content to your audience and support your communication objectives.

Noel Amante has been the Director of Business Development, as well as a Visual Communication Advisor for V Strategies Inc. for the past two years. V Strategies Inc. (V) is a Visual Communications Agency with headquarters in Calgary. Operating since 1997, V has serviced companies and organizations throughout Alberta and Canada. Learn more at

Marvin Polis