Creating an award-winning integrated marketing strategy - Catrin Owen, CEO of Calder Bateman (IABC Edmonton Podcast Episode 18)

As communicators, our goal is to tell our story in such a way that our target audience hears it, understands it and is motivated by it to take action. But in a world with more marketing channels than ever before:

- How do you know which channels to utilize for your audience?
- What’s the right blend of traditional and digital media?
- How do you tie together your channels, messaging and timing into one cohesive strategy?

In this professional development session, Catrin Owen, CEO of Calder Bateman, was joined by Linda Hoang, Digital Strategist at Calder Bateman, and their client Brittany Lewchuk, to share the integrated marketing communications strategy for the “Just Call#211” campaign that won the IABC Social Media Programs Award in 2017.

Together, Catrin and the team walked IABC members through their process for identifying their target audience, selecting their communications channels and successfully executing their integrated strategy.

Past President, Marvin Polis chatted with Catrin after the session and recorded this podcast episode for IABC Edmonton members.

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Marvin Polis