How to lead when you're feeling burnt out - Tammy Dewar (IABC Edmonton Podcast Episode 11)

While some may think of leadership as a position, it is actually a choice we make every day. Leadership requires that we bring our best to every situation, a challenging proposition in today's work world.

In this episode of the IABC Edmonton Podcast, I talk to Tammy Dewar about new ways to think about and re-ignite your leadership. Get a renewed sense of your own leadership and ideas for how you can continue to develop it and make a difference in your life and in the lives of those around you.

Learn about:

- The role of happiness in your leadership

- The art of reframing

- How to manage your energy

- The importance of your social network

- How engaging with others in an authentic way brings energy to everyone


Tammy Dewar, Ph. D., is a passionate educator who integrates theory and practice into creative, engaging and thought provoking learning experiences. She is a Professional Certified Coach who inspires people to find and make the most of their leadership potential. Tammy's work has included large scale leadership development projects, team development and coaching, and executive coaching. She has experience in a number of sectors and engages front line staff and executives alike.

Thank you to CNW for supporting this IABC Edmonton professional developmentĀ session.

Marvin Polis