The Changing Face of Government Relations - Kristin Anderson (IABC Edmonton Podcast Episode 10)

The May 2015 election of Premier Rachel Notley in Alberta has represented a significant shift in the tone, priorities and style of the provincial government. At the federal level, the Justin Trudeau-led Liberals came to power last year as well. Both governments are putting a priority on gender parity and diversity. "Because it’s 2016" was the simple rationale that the Prime Minister responded to when asked about the diversity of his first Cabinet.

At the October 2016 IABC Edmonton professional development session, Kristin Anderson of Global Public Affairs spoke about the impact the shifts at both the federal and provincial levels mean for government relations practitioners, with a unique lens on what it means for women in the industry. She she also talked about how organizations, be they project proponents or not-for-profits, can strategically approach governments to achieve positive outcomes in this new paradigm.

Marvin Polis